Friday, June 30, 2006

On a Sad Note.......

This little girl is no longer with us. She has gone off to Kitty heaven. This is Scratch aka 'Bip'. She was Andrew's childhood pal, a very wise and gentle kitty who knew just where it hurts and bo bo's were and just how to nurse them. She will be well miss and we're hoping that her little spirit comes back to us one day. Good bye Miss Bip.....

Monday, June 26, 2006


What feels like just a memory since this morning it's back to the usual cool and foggy. This is us being silly and enjoying our sunny Sunday evening under the "villa".

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harvest Day

Bee's potatoes.... We've never grown potatoes before. Only had them this year beacause we had couple old potatoes and the Bee decided to put them in the ground and let them figure it out. Well... We were certainly surprised to pull out so many yummy little russets. We'll be doing that again, that's for sure...

I can't believe how beauttiful this garlic is, I didn't even peek on it once as it was growing so I was quite surprised. I pulled 17 big beautiful garilcs today.

And this is what became of it (some of it at least). Roasted potatoes with fresh sage and oregano, onions and garilc all harested this morning. On a bed of wilted spinach from the farmers market. We are truely rich.

We had a lovely day today, actually the whole weekend was grand. I decided it was time to tackle the back garden with the sage taking over the world, the oregano was getting up of hand again and the garlic decided it was time and fell over and the potatos started to look not so good. This could be because we haven't been watering lately. You get so used to all the rain we get 3/4's of the year that when it stops you don't think about it, I mean how could the Earth need anymore water with all the rain we got this year. But it does...
This was such an amazing weekend, what a little sun can do for the soul. This is one of those weekends where it feels ok to go back to work. I mean, of course I would rather not, but I feel refreshed.. It's good.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh My Butt hurts!!

The Bee found a bone--->

Let me give you a little advise...... If you haven't ridden your bike in a couple of months, don't go and ride to the beach which is at least 2 miles (may be more) away. I think I bruised my butt. Today was an absolutely beautiful day, the sky was clear, the sun was bright and the air was warm.. Perfect. So we did our usual Saturday morning shopping at the farmers market and other errands, came home had a darn good lunch under the "villa" (a sheet of fabric we use as an awning) and than took a nap, one of my absolute favorite things to do is nap outside preferably in broken sun, under a good (Maple) tree. No tree here, so the "villa" does the job fine enough. Than off to the beach to collect drift wood pieces to build a mobile gift for Andrew's Dad. Oh My Gaud! the sand was SO hot! Holy moly! It got to a point when we first go there and were walking toward the water than I got this major panic feeling like a fight or flight response thing going on. It was SO hot my heart started beating fast and I quickly threw off my bag, jumped onto it and had a little freaked out moment.

---Skirt hiked up, scavaging for drift wood---

After that (as you can see in the pictures) it was shoes on for me for the duration of the adventure. But besides the panicy situation we had a very lovely day, got a vitamin D over dose and are now completely wiped out. This feeling always makes me think of when I was a kid, summer days and I would play outside all day until the sun set and than crash. Today was a good for the soul kind of day, a day where you don't get anything done but it doesn't matter.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Summer

I think we are going to celebrate the beginning of summer this weekend when we go to the beach to collect drift wood to make a mobile. I think that's a nice way to celebrate the solstice. Let's hope the Sun agrees and decides to join us. Happy Solstice everyone!!!

A Little Late Happy Father's Day

This is to my very cool Dad.. Ya know, my a very lucky girl to have such good parents. My Dad is an exceptional Dad. I swear he knows everything, he says he's full of useless information but I don't agree. He's one of the best story tellers ever, I could listen to his stories and never get tired of hearingt them. He's an extremlly hard worker (too much so somethimes)he always provided us with whatever we needed (and more). He wasn't around so much when I was real young because he was working so much so that my Mom could stay home with us and for that I am very grateful. But there was always "beat up Sunday", he was always home on Sundays and after church we would come home and he would wrestle with my brother and I. Of course I was the one who always got hurt but that didn't really make me want to stop. He was there for all the dance recitals and softball games, birthday slumber parties at his house - a weekend full of 7 or so little girls staying all night eating cake and pizza and giggling. Just putting up with that every year makes him a pretty super Dad. Always gives the best advise, true advise, not exactly what he might want us to do but what is the best to do. I am very excited about the possbility of living closer to him 'cause than I can spend some "regular" time with him instead visiting time (that goes for both parents). I told him when I called on the actual Father's Day that I'd make a list of all his attributes, I was joking of course but I found this picture and thought I'd let the world know just how cool my Dad is........

My very own Computer

Well... I'm sitting here at work typin' away on my very own brand new computer. No more having to share with the Bee. Now I can get work done at work. I am quite excited about this. The amount of time I sit wasting time at work can now be filled with actual work. Your thinking don't you actually work at work... Well, yes of course but, I get all my work done so fast and efficiently that I have so much time left over. We aren't as busy with sales as we should be so I stitch and draw and surf the net. But now I can design, I can create all graphicy things I've been wanting to do and never had enough time in the day to. This is the problem with having too many interests or hobbies.. You see, during the week days I make myself do "homework" everyday after work; I take classes online at Clayton College of Natural Healing, studying Holistic Nutrition. I'm almost finished and I will in the end receive a BS in nutrition. It's an alternative way to do things but thats me.. And I really don't like school, never did don't I ever will. It makes my stomach just thinking about it. Anway back to the subject, than on the weekends I try with all my might to get to the creative projects I've either dreamed up during the week days of slaving over work and homework or try to finish what I started the weekend before. And than of course, there is the work I actually like doing - all graphic and web design jobs that are slowly starting to flow in - this I try to fit in between all the other stuff. So this brings to how I got this lovely computer and if I may say it is quite lovely.
Well Andrew's Dad was wondering why some thing were taking a while with some of the work we were doing for him.. And Andrew told him the truth..... I have no time except a half an hour here and there to get my work done. He asked how can we fix this? Andrew said well she needs her own computer to take to work so can work there (lot of working going on here). He said how much is the computer that I would need? Andrew told him about the one he was dreaming about. And his Dad more or less said the check is in the mail. Well at first Andrew said no, not wanting to put his Dad out of that much money (because to us that's a lot of money) and of course he hates (like all of us) to be in debt with anyone. But after much talking and convincing he said yes to the offer and in a couple days ordered it from HP and it arrived yesterday, yeah!
So I am a very lucky girl here and very happy. I haven't officially thanked Stephen yet because I want to do it right, I want to make him something to show how much we appreciate this gift. So I'm thinking and thinking and not sure what I want to make him. I was thinking of a mobile. I know he likes apple turnovers but I'm like 12 hours away from him although I could over night them. But that's not enough anyway..... It's got to be something good.
Eventhough I haven't posted in a week I have been working on some stuff. The girls being here really thr me a bit and I didn't get much done last week with my "finish what you have" projects. Although actually I did finish something that's been waiting to be sent out for like months. So, yes I did finish something and got it out in the mail yesterday and it felt SO good. It is a traveling art journal. Over at MaryJanesFarm on her forum, a bunch of us were doing mail art and sending little bits of art all over the world. In the beginning I was the "leader" of this group (Sisterhood of the Traveling Art) and starting a "round robin" journal. It first went out last September but got stuck at a certain persons hourse and I had it sent back to me and the book needed fixin and the such. So it got off to the slow start and since it had been so long, I started a new list of people. But this was back in Janurary and things got so busy with me I never got it out to the people on the list. I thought of giving up on it realizing that I'm not very good a keeping track of this kind of thing. But that felt worng and unfinished and I hate unfinished, half-assed jobs so.... I made a new list, it's much smaller now because many people are now not interested. This is good though because gives the ladies freedom to use many pages. So the book is finally fixed, a new list, I even got to do an entry and shipped it out yesterday to a lovely lady Eileen in Washington. Yeah!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sqrl's Lsit

Bug Fabric - Their selection is so good, more than just bugs. It's hard to find this much cute fabric all in one place. Good cutomer service too.
Lotta Jansdotter - Good Stuff.
Mighty Foods - Ooh I just found this one. A good place to check out what's new with natural foods.
Vegan lunch Box - Now, I'm not vegan but a lot closer to being vegan than a meat eater. This gals got some great ideas.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Oh and there is more.....

I have beautiful friends

Saturday we spend the afternoon by the Trinity river in Willow Creek

A Little Sister Reunion

This would be (staring at the top Left - right) Heather, me, Dorie, Megan and Courtney.

Well I'm in a bit of a daze so I'm not sure how well I will be able to portray the events of this weekend. But I have to say I got a good dose of the best medicine around - Girlfriends....Now I knew Megan was flighting to Washington to see Heather and was planning on driving down to see me . To tell you the truth I wasn't really looking forward to it Friday when I came home from work. I was SO tired and had So much work I wanted to get done and knew I wasn't going to get any of it done. But they arrived real late Friday night so I used that extra time wisely and got a lot of work done and when they arrived everything changed. I could actually feel the change when it happended. I kept saying this is so weird I feel like I'm dreaming, but what I think was happening was I was waking up. Then it got even better...... About ten or so minutes after receiving the first little dose of this much needed medicine there was a knock on the door... Now mind you, I told my very good friend Dorie to stop by that night if she wanted and meet my girlfriends, if she wasn't doing anything. So when I went to answer the door thinking it was Dorie I was pleasantly surprise to see the one missing sister - Miss Courtney Geetter!!! The circle was than complete, the "Super sister" medicine started flowing and everything felt just right. This was exactly what I needed, though I had no idea that I needed it so much. It's a funny thing, this thing called life.....You get so used to the routine of it it gets to be just like sleeping, you just go through it blindly, it's a good thing to remember to do something that shakes ya a up a bit and gives ya a recharge. So in all, good times were had (as usual), much love was spread and I think we all got some much needed Super Sister medicine.
They even managed to wear Andrew out.

Friday, June 09, 2006

and one more...

This one was taken at dusk, right when there is only a tiny bit of light left in the sky when the sky is that real dark periwinkle. We discovered that the flowers in our front garden are glowing at this time of day. Andrew took this photo.

Believe it or not there is sun in Arcata sometimes....

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sqrl's List

The Naughty Secretary Club - Fun stuff....
My Paper Crane - Her stuff is just good and unique and fun.
Amour Sans Anguish - I love, love their clothing, it kills me. Especially the sweaters with the pieces... So good.
Luckybeans - This is a new blog I discovered through another blog... Can't remember which one since I visit so many everyday.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey, just a real quick post before I leave work for the day...............