Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SPC - in darkness

Self Portrait Challenge I'm back..... Yay, finally.

Oh and this is for Suzette

You see.... There was a little tear in the package and well we couldn't help ourselves.

Some of the inhabitants of our garden

An orb weaver

A Preying Mantis

a frog

I promised pictures... So here they are.....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coming soon to a.........

Picutures!!!!! Brought to you by my brand new camera... That's after I get over my fear of the darn thing. Aperture and 'film' speed and this button and that dial. One day I'll get it... This morning we were messing around with it before work and it really takes beautiful pictures, clear and bright. I feel like I've moved up in the world of photography here. Watch out world....... Before we make our exodus we're going to get a telephoto lense so we can take pictures of the beautiful land that makes up this country. Oh, we have finally decided on what direction we're going on this said exodus we're taking the southern route interstate 10 From Santa Moncia CA to Jacksonville FL, transcontinental baby!! We've done the the 70 all the way across and it is beautiful. We wanted to do the 80 but we are going to be traveling in January in the truck with all our stuff and car in tow. Not the safest roads to travel going through the Rockies in the winter. So we'll be making three sides of a square, sort a. Driving from here to LA, see family, hang out, pick up stuff, drop off stuff, ya know. Than hop on the 10 stand in traffic for half the day trying to get out of LA and than desert, desert, desert in CA and Arizona, New Mexico, than Texas forever and ever, Louisianna - never been to New Orleans, Mississippi, Florida staying in the Everglades for a while and than up the east coast - looking for a different route than I95 to NC to see my Brother than 8 hours later - PA our final destination (deep breath). And taking our sweet old time the whole way across.. That's the plan anyway... May be tomorrow picutres with my new camera.....
Oh am I just the most spoiledest girl in the world?(yes) I got two packaged yesterday. I got a big box of herbs and spices I ordered last week. We're talking BIG like over 10lb. I got to restock everything. Oh I'm happy girl...... I ordered it all from Mountain Rose Herbs. I cannot express how much I love this company. I've ordering from them for a couple of years now and we're talking great prices and really really high quality stuff. You can really trust this place and I'm crazy about what comapnies I'm loyal to...

Monday, August 28, 2006

The good news is......

This is just a beautiful picture.

Ok this one has a little story.... This little sticker was part of a project of Andrew's. He was doing a propaganda project last year and this was one of the pieces. They were all made from recycle paper and glued with homemade starch paste and pasted all over, mainly on HSU's campus. There was a website where people would post about finding them and their thoughts. I just love the accidental composition of this picture.

Brooke and sister-in-law and good friend .I love this just because of the memories of that beautiful day.

that UPS says that our camera is in route to our house, meaning I'll be playing with my new camera as soon as I get home today. Yeah!!! But here are a couple of favorites anyway.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love this one.......

This one was taken about 2.5 years ago when Kamryn was only about 6 or so months old. I took a series of pictures this one morning of her just doing various things. Then her Dad came to hang out with us and that's where this picture came from. I just love this picture.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Since I have no camera I'll just post some old pictures that I love....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

two weeks ago..............

Let's see if blogger wiill cooperate and let me post some pictures. I finally remembered to get these pictures off Andrew computer. This is from the weekend we had Kelly, Brooke and the kids visiting. We had our usual pizza night, where everyone makes their own pizza. I didn't take these picts, since I am without a camera (she sighs).

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's been a while

Well I have to say Blogger has been quite annoying lately, which makes blogging not so much fun. I can hardly upload pictures anymore and I can't understand why.... Also my camera took a crap and now I'm cameraless. This is a sad, sad state for me. I am quite sad without my camera. Especially this last weekend, we had Andrew's brother Kelly his wife and my good friend Brooke and their two kids up visiting from LA. It was a really nice weekend and I have to commit it all to memory since there was no camera to be had. Well, Brooke had her camera but it's just not the same. On a good note though it costs too much to get it fixed, so we're getting a new one especially since the truck's fixes didn't cost nearly what we thought it would. For the amount we paid for our current broken camera about 2.5 years ago we can get what we've always wanted - a real srl, a camera with removable lenses. Yes, yes, yes.... I love the techie age, where things just keep getting cheaper and cheaper. The one camera I looked at with just the stock lense that it comes with, you can get within 6 inches of the subject. Imagine having a macro lense. Yes, yes, yes. Can you tell I'm excited? But in the meantime not pictures for me.