Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hey, I'd always wanted to do a little swappin - that is, the exchange of items in the mail preferably from far, far away. Well I've just found the perfect way - Gimmie Your Stuff - A Cultural Exchange Blog... Sounds fun, huh??? I think so.
So I'm suppose to talk about who and what I'd like to swap... Well I don't really care about with whom specifically, anyone other than the US would be interesting. I would like to swap crafty things though. As fun as it would be to get local foods, I am a stritch vegetarian, this usually scares people off... So unless you are a veggie looking to swap yummy healthy local foods then I'm your gal.
So crafty it is.... Anything really - paper, fabric, its and bits. In exchange for the same... How's that sound??

Hey I just realized after commenting other people's blog that may be I should list what I can give..

I have lots of yarn to give
books - like used (in good shape, of course) novels
veggie foods - like wierd grains (quinoa, couscous), TVP or other healthy things you can only find in the granola crunching northern California
US magazines
Anything I've made - softies, recycled clothing etc.
and let me know what you are looking for, I may just not be thinking in that direction..

oh just thought of two more things, big duh!!
I make handmade soaps - completely natural, unscented and very rich made from coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil... This soap has some very loyal users.
Also I make skin creams made from organic oils like jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, avocado, grapeseed. It just depends on which combination I'm using at the time.. I don't sell these creams and soaps currently and I usually use clean recycled glass containers for them. I'm a recycling freak... Since I'm going to be moving soon across the counrty I should use up these oils for they could go bad along the way. So... I am certainly willing to exchange these yummy rich skin creams with some one.

Edited 5.24.07 :: If you want to contact me to swap please go to the newest post (by clicking on the main banner above) and leave a comment or email me at sqrljunk(at)sqrlbee(dot)com


MELISSA said...

hello! i'm MELISSA from singapore~ & i would love love love to swap with you.
i can get Candy and snacks for you! real yummmy candies! chocolates if you love! :p Fabrics are love! so i'll definitely send love over to you. i can also get japanese magazines for you from our japanese stall in singapore!



see me at http://justmeand-you.blogspot.com/
& get em at ng.melissa90@gmail.com


phatelara said...

Hello, I'm Debbie from Malaysia. I'm new to swapping but I'm not listed yet. I'd love to swap stuffs with you. Please visit my blog and leave a message there. You can also email me at phat_elara@yahoo.com. I'll get back to you soon, I promise! =)