Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow, May 26th !

That was the my last post, May 26th, I should be ashamed. This little blog hasn't been far from my mind though. My excuse is that my computer has been in and out of the "shop" four times since we got here in April. Finally Hp sent me a new one, a brand new one. But really the reason for not blogging has been that I'm just too busy and I wasn't putting it very high on the priority list. But I vowed to start again, regardless of my busyness. What have I been busy with you wonder? Well lots and lots of sewing, mostly bags. Started some skirts, but the serger is not cooperating so that was put aside. I'm trying to get ready for two craft shows in September. One is just a regular type craft show the other is quite intimidating and is more like a trade show. It's for local Philly and surrounding area "fashion designers". The first hour is for retailers only and than it's open to the public. Hence why I was working on some skirts. I would love to get some into stores, but they just are not ready. I haven't work out all the kinks yet. This was a hard decision to make, 'cause I really want it. And I really want to get into this show, just for the experience. So I'm sticking to what works - my bags and T-shirts (I'll show them off as they get done). I think Andrew and I are going to share a spot, hopefully, so he can get shirts out there.

Other than that, we been painting/working. Doing lots of graphic work, lot's of weddings and baby stuff for friends. Real good experience. Gardening also, our garden is exploding. We have ourselves a tomato forest. Huge spaghetti squashs, lots yellow summer squash and pickles. We have these little yellow birds who sit on the sunflowers and eat their seeds, it's the cutest darn thing. All the pictures below random pictures of the garden, remember just a couple months ago?This what happens after a couple days of visiting from our little yellow birds. This is why I planted sunflowers, I was hoping they would make natural bird feeders. It worked!

tomato shadow.

huge spaghetti squash.

Heirlooms, they're so dainty.

Tomatoes reaching for the sun.

more heirloom tomato, kind of lost track of what kind this is I think it's a Rio Grande

tomato forest

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