Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well... Friends

For all those few who check in I'm awfully sorry, for I have been neglecting this little blog. I've been hyper focused on trying to get things made to submit pictures by June 1st for two craft shows in September. When I'm not working I'm working on prototypes and trying to get a product together. So far so good..... I have three different size bags and another idea for a forth. Making to first "real" bag today to be photographed. Lots of needle felting going on 'round here, lot's little fruits and veggies, acorns and little birdies. For me, needle felting in so relaxing it makes me sleepy and always in need of a nap afterwards. I don't know if I mentioned earlier but the big "theme" of all the stuff I'm making is..... Organic, natural or recycled. Means just what it says all the products will be made from either organic, natural or recycled and pretty much in that order. I found two great sites, one for the fabric - Nearsea Naturals and a great site for all your felting and wooly needs - Weirs Dolls. They carry 100% wool felt and roving both with plant dyes and many colors to choose from. Other non plant dyed felt and roving too, well go see for yourself.

Can you believe that those are plant dyed colors?

Let's see, what else.... Lots of gardening. Almost all my seedlings have come up. I'm a little worried about the tomatoes just cause they seem to have stunted. But we'll see, they're going to be potted up today. As you can see by the picture I've got lots of thing this year - tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, sweet potato squash, pickling cucumbers, peas, soy beans, sun flowers, lettuce, herbs like dill, parsely, cilantro, and catnip. All kinds of stuff, we're going to have ourselves our own mini farm.

Oh and all these seedlings are from heirloom seeds.

Well.... Must be shoving off to be a slave to my fussy sewing machine. I think it's time to take her in for a check up.

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Carole Free said...

Hi...BEAUTIFUL colors...looks soft and squishy to handle...The roving, of course.