Friday, May 25, 2007

We went on a field trip....

I'm finally bugged enough by Whole Foods to get back on buying locally. When we first moved her about three months ago I didn't know where anything was except Whole Foods plus it was the end of winter and no farm stands on the corners or farmers markets on weekend to get me in the groove. I never like Whole Foods, for me it was always the last resort. I was spoiled in California, first in the LA area there was a farmers market everyday of the week all year long. Then Arcata, had a great almost all organic farmers market for 2/3 of the year and an awesome co-op that carry most things locally. These last three months I've been almost shopping exclusively at Whole Foods and it's killing me. Not only are they ridiculously expensive but the milk isn't always fresh (you can tell when making yogurt) and lettuce was turning that red around the fringes only after three days. Much of the produce was coming from California, so I moved across the country to eat the same food. Anyway this wasn't supposed to be a rant about Whole Foods.
I'm excited to finally be finding local food. Starting with yesterday, we went to Hendrick's farm in Telford. We found raw cow and goats milk, fresh butter, yogurt, fancy cheeses, curds, ice cream, meats and soaps. Really, really nice people that were happy to take the time to tell us about the cows and how they are treated, how happy they are. You can pretty much see for yourself since they just hanging out it the fields just beyond the little shop. Really, a great place. And today we are off to visit and local bakery, yeah! a bakery. When we first got here I googled bakeries and found almost nothing , except in the city (too far). I want to talk to this bakery about their site, you can't find them anywhere unless you know their address, that's got change. We got a loaf of their bread yesterday on the farm. Awesome bread, really great flavor, good hard crush with a moist soft center.
Over on the side bar ---> in links I'm going to add a local links, so whatever I find locally I'll add over there. Hey may be someone like me will be searching around the Lansdale area looking for local foods and I can help the out a little. I also have a ton of new blogs to add, so look for them too. I think I'll post them first as a heads up than add them. It's endless with all these creative blogs.
Below are some pictures of our little farm outing yesterday. Enjoy!

This guy here was trying to wrangle up this little calf. It was pretty funny, this calf was certainly giving him a run for his money.

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